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All-new BlackBerry 'London' with QNX OS revealed [Updated]

It’s not exactly news that RIM has had a terrible year – we documented many of its woes last week, when RIM’s share value fell below an important milestone, signifying a loss of confidence in the company among investors, following a clear loss of interest in the company’s product among consumers. New product is what’s desperately needed, and The Verge has got its hands on an image purporting to show exactly that – a next-generation BlackBerry handset....

Bocoran BlackBerry London Terbaru, Mirip PlayBook dan Droid X

Crackberry rupanya telah memiliki sebuah slide yang berisi keterangan tentang BlackBerry London lengkap dengan informasi fitur-fitur yang akan disematkan pada Smartphone yang akan berjalan dengan BlackBerry 10 tersebut. Dikutip dari Ubergizmo, sebuah gambar desain BlackBerry London yang tampil di slide tersebut terlihat sangat jauh berbeda dengan gambar sebelumnya yang diduga sebagai penampakan dari BlackBerry London....

2012 BBX BlackBerry Roadmap Preview - London, Lisbon, Milan, Nevada, Black Forest

On a day when shares of Research In Motion closed almost 10% down after the company adjusted its forecast, the timing feels right to take a look at what's in store for RIM in 2012 on the BBX device front. As Chris pointed out in his finance editorial earlier today following up on RIM's announcement, it's fairly clear that BlackBerry 7 Smartphones, while doing ok, are not quite the cash cow RIM was hoping for. 2012 needs to be a year dominated by hot selling BBX devices....

Exclusive: First Image of a BlackBerry 10 Superphone!!

BOOM! Last week's leaked 2012 BlackBerry Roadmap slide deck brought with it a ton of goodies for the new year, but one thing that was missing was a fresh look at a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Superphone. Consider it found though, with the slide above featuring an image and some details on the much-rumored about BlackBerry "London". ...

BlackBerry London resurfaces with an all new design

Back in November, it was reported that the first BBX handset to be introduced later this year would be the BlackBerry London. Earlier this year it appears that the plans for two other BBX handsets had been scrapped and these said handsets went under the names, Milan and Colt....

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